Friday, March 13, 2009


Hello People who occasionally look at our blog! Just wanted to let you know that we've been dabbling in facebook lately.

The pictures upload so much faster on their site! Don't worry I am not doing away with my blog, just maybe not up dating it as much. So for more current info, please become my friend on facebook. I have my name listed as Julie Brady. I know I need to add my maiden name in the middle but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. If anyone knows how to edit your name on facebook, let me know! Plus Jill Facer just took some family pictures for us! Thanks Jill :)

When I get them back from her, I ll post them! Until then hope all is well with you all! Love Jules

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Pictures of Jules and Sofia

Mom and Sofia just hanging out!

Mom I promise i am not going for the computer!

How Cute is this girl?!

Ya this is Funny!

Sorry I could not resist! A face I see not too often, but often enough to know it well! Here's a sneak peak of life with little Sofia when things may not be going her way! smiles! Really she is an angel, but we all have our moments right?!

We could just sit! What a marvel Idea?!

Aren't these three pals so cute?! ElivsAnn, Sofi and Diego, beach buddies. Sofi wasn't really dressed for the beach because I didn't know how warm it would be down there. but we still had a great time anyways. She ended up playing in the water and by the time we left was completely sandy and soaked just as an almost 2 year old should be!

Maybe we can go for a Walk

Hey Let's hold hands, it's really fun I promise!

She loves to run, and did I mention she is Fast!

A few pictures taken before and after a photo shoot that Sofia and I did last week at Salt Creek! Gotta love my girl!

No thanks Mom, I ll push the stroller instead of sitting in it, it's more fun that way!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Julie Christine Photography...The Blog is Up!

Hello Family and Friends! 

Just wanted to let you know that my blog for Julie Christine Photography is mostly completed! It is completed enough for you to begin browsing, for sure! :)

Here is the address:

As soon as it's officially done, hopefully within the next week or so I'll be sending out an e-mail to everyone with the blog address and other great info regarding up coming promotions and such for the year!

Thank you to all those who have already shot with me, and to all those who have not, perhaps this year we can change all that! smiles! 

E-Mail me with questions at:

Stay Warm, Bye for Now...Jules

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Do You Ever...

Okay so I must be compulsive, because once I decide to do something, I become this crazy person who will stop at nothing to complete my task! Does this happen to anyone else out there?

Here I am up at 12:30 p.m. (or should I say am?), again for the third night in a row trying to finish up this project that I began! No taking my time for me, it looks as though I am going to try and finish these little projects of mine even if it means I end up in the looney ben for lack of sleep. Here's how it all began. 

Evan and I looked at our door and noticed our rental agreement, due to the fact that our lease was coming up at the end of the month. When we opened it we noticed a huge rent increase! We were totally bummed and figured if we were going to have to  pay "x" amount of dollars for rent, we might as well live in another place closer to Evan's school for that same increased price.

So the hunt for the perfect apartment began, 5 days of non stop searching, and then a notice from the complex saying that they would not increase it like they originally said, if we'd stay. Seriously did they really have to do all of that, I mean they could have just not raised our rent in the first place, but whatever.

So we decided to stay for the next year until Evan finally graduates!!!!! Hooray and then we will move on to bigger (yes please bigger, especially if we have another baby this year) and better (preferably with no insects and crazy people and loud hispanic music from down stairs)! But for the time being I figure I will try and make our place as comfortable as possible.

So the "on-a-budget" extreme apartment make-over addition has begun! My house is going to be so clean, you will please feel free to eat any food I am serving you off of any space in my house including the floors, tubs and yes, toilets! Clean makes even the oldest of homes feel great and with a few new pictures, etc. I am already loving my apartment!

Now my life before "extreme apartment make-over" which I am calling EAMO B.C. was also crazy! The holidays were busy, I thought January would be boring and long like it usually is, but not this year. The beginning of the month began with a bang as Evan and I took an 
impromptu trip up the coast to be with his brother and their family for new years! We had a blast. We stopped at the madonna inn and went on a guided night tour of Hearst Castle (amazing! really I cannot imagine living like that) then we ended up just northeast of Sacramento. Evan and Ethan went skiing (even though Emmajane tells us its dorky, smiles!) and Mariann and I went looking at antiques in marin county, so much fun! We love Ethan and Mariann they are definitely two of our most favorite people!

Then we get back from our trip and my brother and his wife Mary (with their two kids) come into town from Detroit Michigan and visit us for an entire week of blissfulness!  Mary is like the sister I never had! Seriously I love her so much, she is amazing and of course I love my brother too, especially because he married, Mary! Smiles! Pictures from these events will be posted soon, along with the apartment renovations. I need a point and shoot (camera) badly! My big Digital SLR is great for my photography business, but I am desperate for something that fits in my pocket for every day random shots, you know what I mean?!!!

If not then  you guys are going to be stuck reading about my life, instead of looking at it! Cherio to all of you lovely people out there, your all wonderful people and each of you inspires me to try and be a better person myself, thank you for that! I mean it!

PS props to Amanda for learning how to shoot a gun. I took hunters safety when I was 8 because my dad who is an avid hunter wanted me too. And as Shellie well knows his nick-name is "the hunter." Anywho, I learned how to shoot a gun then, but haven't really taken any interest in it since then. I am realizing perhaps I should! Let's go to the range together Amanda! Bye for now!

Everyone have a great week! Love Julie

PPS What is your favorite drink? I am addicted to organic chocolate milk! In fact I think I ll have some right now, nothing like a tall, cool glass of delicious chocolate milk after a very long blog posting! :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Time...

Hello All! So lately I have been taking lots of pictures of others, which has left little to no time at all for pictures of us, but I promise, weather permitting we should have some new pictures up this week and christmas cards ready to send soon as well. Hope everyone's holiday season is going good so far. Mine has been great, not only is Christmas this month, but it was also my birthday on the 12th! I love my birthday, as a general rule its celebrated for at least the entire month! smiles. 

My mom was soooo nice and came to visit me for a few days and helped me care for my daughter who figured out how to crawl out of her crib around thanksgiving! Since then she's been driving me crazy because she wouldn't sleep! But while my mom was here we found the cozy crib tent II! It has saved my life. It basically traps her in her crib and now she cannot climb out of it anymore! She kinda of has her own little fort! Instead of having to deal with Sofia for 12-13 hours a day with no break, she is now back to her normal routine of napping and sleeping at night! Thank the stars above. She may never have gotten another sibling if that continued!

Also Evan has been wonderful! He decorated the whole house for me! I also love birthday decorations. Balloons, streamers...the whole bit and he watched Sofia for an entire day for me, what a marvelous husband!

Thank you to all those who left me messages and texts on my B-Day, it was so nice to hear from all of you! Love you all and be looking for our christmas card in the mail within about a week.

Happy Shopping!  Jules

Monday, November 24, 2008

The movie has Come...


So I am very happy to announce that I was able to see Twilight this past weekend on opening night, with my friend Lauren! And we had a blast! 

Special shout out to Danny for watching my child and their children so that we could go. 

Okay back to the movie. So like many fans of the books I was worried that the movie may really stink, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised! Edward, oh my gosh! Ya what else can I say...amazing. Most of the movie followed the book besides the fact that some areas may have been a bit rushed and others skipped all together but really for the most part it was accurate, and well put together! I loved it and am going to see it again with my mom over thanksgiving! Thank you Stephanie Myer for creating a story that brings back that tingling feeling of a new crush...we love you! 

And PS Lauren it was so fun seeing the movie with you! It's nice to see movies with someone who appreciates a good girl movie!  

Fun Night out with Friends...

So I know it's not even thanksgiving yet, but fashion island is ready for Christmas. Last Saturday evening we were lucky enough to get a babysitter and spend some time with Evan's old roommates Troy and Nate and their wives Laurel and Emily! And we had a great time. Beginning the holiday season with a Bang! Happy Thanksgiving!

The fun just never Ends!

Evan, Troy and Nate Dog (BFF's por Vida)

Baby Sofia

She may have gotten rid of her shirt, but she kept the Bow! That's my girl!

Two Peas in A Hammock!

Sofia and Elle

Elle is taking a much needed break during her photo shoot! Relieving her stress by pushing Sofia around! Smiles! How Cute!

Sofia posing for me as I check out the lighting at one of our photo shoots!

MMMM...look at this really cool leaf I found Mom!